Solar Ink™

The most stable perovskite ink with the longest lifetime available in the market

Our perovskite-based Solar Inks™ have unique formulations that allow for the fabrication of perovskite films with high energy conversion efficiency and high stability. Solar Ink™ is available to manufacturers of thin-film solar cells and research groups, who can use Solar Ink™ on a wide selection of rigid and flexible substrates.

Our products are specially formulated to be compatible with different coating techniques, including spin coating, slot-die, and blade-coating.

The main application for our Solar Inks™ are the production of thin-film perovskite photovoltaic devices. Our Solar Inks™ achieve high power conversion efficiency, high stability, and can be processed in an ambient environment.

Try Solar Ink™

Two formulations of Solar Ink™ are currently on the market, decide which one is right for you!

Solar Ink™ One

Optimized for spin coating and blade coating

Unblemished shelf-life of~ 60 days

Device efficiency~ 20%

*Architecture and size dependent.

Solar Ink™ Evolved

Made with environmentally friendly solvents

Unblemished shelf-life of~ 30 days

Device efficiency~ 16%*

*Architecture and size dependent.