About Us

Our Mission

To make solar energy more accessible by developing photovoltaic solutions that contribute to minimizing the planet's environmental footprint.

Our Vision

Solaires develops novel and cost-effective technology solutions that address compelling market gaps in solar energy harvesting.

Our Values


We are respectful to ourselves, to our team members, and to our planet.


We are responsible for the choices and decisions we make towards our colleagues and our environment.


We are creative and innovative, the day we stop being creative we become stagnant.


We are collaborative, we work closely with our colleagues and external partners to achieve this mission together.

Our Reason
for Being

The Problem

Without a major acceleration in clean energy innovation, net-zero emissions targets will not be achievable. While the world has seen many governments and companies set high-profile net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions targets to try and meet international sustainability goals such as the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals, there is a significant divide between these ambitious targets and the current state of clean energy technology development.

The general solution - renewable energy

Renewable energy solutions are fundamental for achieving climate goals and they must offer greater accessibility, affordability and scalability in order to effectively contribute to the emissions reductions necessary to meet international energy and climate goals.

Our solution and company

At Solaires, we are using innovation to reach net-zero emissions goals faster. We are developing the next generation of solar cells made from perovskite which are capable of revolutionizing the way the sun’s energy is converted into electricity and broadening the possible applications for solar technology.

Solaires’ Solar Ink™ can be coated on different surfaces and used in a roll-to-roll manufacturing process. With a sustainable and scalable manufacturing process, Solaires can bring to market innovative perovskite technology that delivers greater stability, versatility and lower costs compared to conventional silicon solar cells.

Perovskites are the future of solar technology and Solaires is proud to offer this perovskite technology in accelerating the progress of energy innovation and setting us on a sustainable path towards a cleaner world.