Solaires News

November 2022

Enabling Wide Application of Solar Technology

Our goal is to be the first Canadian company - and one of the first five globally - to commercialize low-cost and effective solar power technology, facilitating a pathway for solar to be a key source of supply in the clean energy future.

November 2022

Changing the Way we Harvest Energy from the Sun

Imagine if everything that uses a battery would no longer need to be plugged into the grid in order to be recharged.

September 2022

VentureLabs IP Success Spotlight

CEO and co-founder, Fabian de la Fuente, is a serial entrepreneur and has spent years refining his patent process. This article outlines Fabian's IP process, Solaires' approach to IP costs, how Solaires takes advantage of available resources and more.

September 2022

Someone Like You Podcast

Marco Pimental, the host of the "Someone Like You Podcast", explores business models with lasting sustainable climate solutions with their respective founders.

August 2022

ClimateVentures' Earth Tech Celebrates Our Successes

While it can be difficult to quantify success early on as a cleantech startup, it's important to celebrate wins and build momentum, and this year we've achieved some significant milestones.

July 2022

16 innovative, women-led businesses to watch

More than ever we need to empower women and underrepresented individuals in order to reach the most innovative solutions. Solaires was featured by the Victoria Tech Journal as one of 16 innovative women-led businesses

March 2022

Solaires is Shining a Light on Solar Energy Efficiencies While Greening the Globe

Not many people would start a business at the height of a global pandemic, but not many people are Solaires CSO and co-founder, Dr. Sahar Sam.

January 2022

Solaires Launches Commercial Perovskite

Solaires has developed the most stable perovskite-based photovoltaic ink with the longest shelf life available in the market.

December 2021

A Letter From Our Founders

As the year 2021 comes to a close, we would like to take a moment to reflect on it. While it was difficult, it demonstrated how strong we are as a company, a community, and a family.

October 2021

Solaires is part of CDL Vancouver

Solaires is now part of the CDL Vancouver's 2021-2022 cohort. We will be undergoing a 9-month transformation program that will help with accelerating our technology's path to commercialization.

August 2021

Solaires donates solar cell phone chargers

Perovskite is a new material that could revolutionize the way we generate energy: imagine capturing the sun's energy from anywhere with light, flexible, and transparent solar panels....