Demistifying Our Technology

Q:Can I coat any surface with Solar InkTM to make it a solar cell?

A:No, Solar InkTM is a perovskite based ink that can be used to fabricate perovskite-based thin-film solar cells. It does not work on its own as a solar cell. It is the light absorbing material within a material stack that forms a functional solar cell. Solar InkTM has to be carefully integrated on a sub-micron scale alongside multiple layers on a material stack, to function as the light absorbing layer in a solar cell.

Q:Do you have the manufacturing capability to produce commercial scale perovskite solar cells?

A:We are currently developing 20 x 20 cm² solar modules for sale in the near future. We do not intend to be a wholesale manufacturer of larger solar modules.

However, we are developing a manufacturing process for solar modules of all sizes that we intend to license to manufacturers in the near future. Please visit the Future Products page on our website for further details and up-to-date information.

Q:Do you sell solar cells/panels?

A:At the moment, no. Our Solar InkTM contains active light absorbing material, though solar cells require additional layers to generate electricity. However, we are currently developing a manufacturing process to produce solar modules and solar panels in the near future. Please visit the Future Products page on our website for further details and up-to-date information.

Q:What is the difference between shelf life and lifetime?

A:Shelf life refers to the stability of perovskite ink, Solar InkTM, in bottles between manufacturing the ink and incorporating the ink in a solar cell. Perovskite generally has a short shelf life of about 1 week and degrades when exposed to humidity, oxygen, or high temperature. Longer shelf life is required for large volume solar panel production so that manufacturers can store and use the ink continuously without interrupting the production. Solar InkTM can be used and stored in ambient conditions. The shelf life of Solar InkTM exceeds 100 days, greater than all other commercial perovskite solar inks. By comparison, lifetime refers to the stability of a complete solar cell, after it has been produced by our partners and customers.

Q:Is Solar InkTM suitable for a specific coating method?

A:Solar InkTM has been optimised for spin coating and blade coating. We are currently optimising for slot-die coating and inkjet printing. If you are interested in a coating method other than those described, please Contact Us, and we will discuss options and viability with you.

Q:Who are the typical customers for Solar InkTM?

    A:Our Solar InkTM customers are :

    - Industrial manufacturers looking to use perovskite inks for commercial applications
    - Academic researchers at universities
    - Government and industry-funded research institutes

    Solar InkTM is not a direct-to-consumer product.