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July 2022

How are Solar Cells Made? Silicon vs. Perovskite Production

Solar energy is captured by a solar panel which captures sunlight and converts it to electricity. While generating electricity from solar panels produces no carbon emissions, solar panels still have an important environmental impact when extracting metals, purifying metals, manufacturing the panels, and waste disposal at the end of their life.

July 2022

A Note on Carbon Pricing

Solaires Entreprises Inc stands behind carbon pricing as an innovative, flexible and effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

April 2022

What is Perovskite?

Perovskite materials have emerged as the most promising, efficient, and affordable semiconductor material for photovoltaic application.

September 2021

What is Net Zero?

Net-zero is the new normal. Reaching it by 2050 is the world's chance in beating back climate change. But what does it mean to go net-zero? A net-zero economy is reached when there is a balance between the amount of greenhouse gases entering and the amount removed from the atmosphere. Simply put, the input and output are balanced: the sum of all greenhouse gases becomes zero.

August 2021

How Green is Solar Energy?

Photovoltaics are progressing fast. Population and economic growth have led to a rapidly increasing global demand for energy. To address the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels, extensive research efforts and developments are made towards building a sustainable energy future,...

August 2021

Innovative Solar Energy Applications

Our energy systems need to be upgraded. Petroleum and other fossil fuel products are predominately used for our energy production. Solar energy has emerged as a clean and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels....

August 2021

Solar Energy Harvesting Technology

Photovoltaic (PV) is the process of converting light to electricity that can be used to power our appliances, electronics, homes, etc. It is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy resource available....

August 2021

Invest In Perovskite

Perovskite is a new material that could revolutionize the way we generate energy: imagine capturing the sun's energy from anywhere with light, flexible, and transparent solar panels....