SEI Energy to Mass Produce Perovskite PV Modules

Solaires Team | Victoria, B.C | June 12th, 2024

VICTORIA, BC, June 12, 2024 - Solaires Entreprises Inc., a British Columbia-based cleantech startup revolutionizing the solar industry with high power conversion efficiency photovoltaic modules (PVModules), announces their Licensing Agreement with SEI Energy, a JV between Solaires and Genesis Technology, a Shanghai-based manufacturer. The companies are collaborating to achieve mass production of PV Modules, aiming to replace batteries in indoor electronic devices.

This licensing deal enables SEI Energy to manufacture PV Modules specifically designed for indoor applications, catering to the growing demand in the Asia market. This agreement marks a significant step towards making high-efficiency, sustainable energy solutions more accessible across the globe. By leveraging Genesis’ extensive manufacturing capabilities and market reach, the collaboration aims to accelerate the adoption of innovative PV Module technology in a variety of indoor electronic devices, reducing reliance on traditional batteries and promoting cleaner energy alternatives.

"Perovskite based PV modules, with their high conversion efficiency and ability to perform well in indoor conditions, have the potential to disrupt battery-powered applications like loT devices, remote controls, locks, shelf labels and keyboards" said Roni Peleg, Analyst and Chief Content Officer, "We are glad to see Solaires making progress towards manufacturing Perovskite PV modules via its joint venture with Genesis, in China, and hopetheir efforts will push this important application field forward."

- Roni Peleg | Analyst and Chief Content Officer,

  1. PVModules with Superior Light Absorption
  2. By 2030 it’s projected that there will be 15 billion battery-driven devices demanding 800 GW of power. There is a global need for clean, indoor solar power that isn’t satisfied by conventional photovoltaic modules. Solaires has developed an inexpensive and easy to print PVModule that is revolutionising the industry. Resulting in better performance, higher energy conversion efficiency (35% for indoor) and a cleaner manufacturing process than traditional materials such as silicon. Solaires’ PVModules are a cleaner, more cost-effective alternative to conventional charging methods. The product enables self-charging of battery-driven devices such as wireless keyboards, smart door locks, electronic shelf labels, sensors, IoT devices, and more.

  3. About Solaires Entreprises Inc.
  4. Founded in Victoria, BC, Solaires is pioneering the research and development of the next generation of solar cells. Solaires’ key innovation is their perovskite-based PVModules that, unlike traditional materials, can generate electricity from both indoor and outdoor light. Solaires is one of the first companies to market PVModules for small, light, and flexible indoor applications. These modules are half the price, yield 2x better performance, and generate 50% less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional modules. Solaires is developing a wireless solution to charging IoT devices with an inexpensive and easy to print solar module that is revolutionising the industry.

  5. About SEI Energy
  6. Founded in Jiaxing, China, SEI Energy is a new leading player in the perovskite module manufacturing field that emerged from the joint venture between Canadian Solaires Enterprises Inc. and Chinese Genesis Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


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