Solaires Builds First Low Cost Perovskite-only PV Modules Pilot Line

PV (photovoltaic) modules from this production line achieve 35% efficiency from indoor light

Solaires Team | Victoria, B.C | January 17th, 2024

VICTORIA, BC, January 17th 2024 - Solaires Entreprises Inc., the creator of sustainable and scalable perovskite-based photovoltaic modules (PVModules), announces the launch of its first production line. Solaires deployed its fully functional pilot production line where they will be producing PVModules for customers. The pilot production line is located in Langford, BC, Canada.

“The PVModules produced in our new pilot line will allow our customers to complete their design incorporating our unique perovskite-only photovoltaic modules” - says Dr. Sahar Sam, Solaires’ Chief Science Officer. “We are proud to have built a simple and liquid-based process in ambient condition with a fraction of the capital cost but with better performance compared to other technologies such as silicon PVs”.

- Dr. Sahar Sam | Solaires Co-founder and CSO

  1. PVModules with Superior Light Absorption
  2. For over a decade the consumer electronics industry has dreamt of new technologies to power or recharge devices with indoor light. Perovskite modules present the most suitable solution as they have superior indoor light absorption. Solaires’ PVModules have a staggering high power conversion efficiency of 35% for indoor light that would otherwise be wasted. The product enables self-charging of battery-driven devices such as wireless keyboards, smart door locks, electronic shelf labels, sensors, IoT devices, and more. Permanently replace your product’s single use batteries and charging cords with PVModules, recycling indoor light.

  3. About Solaires Entreprises Inc.
  4. Founded in Victoria, BC, Solaires is pioneering the research and development of the next generation of solar cells. Solaires’ key innovation is their perovskite-based PVModules that, unlike traditional materials, can generate electricity from both indoor and outdoor light. Solaires is one of the first companies to market PVModules for small, light, and flexible indoor applications. These modules are half the price, yield 2x better performance, and generate 50% less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional modules. Solaires is developing a wireless solution to charging IoT devices with an inexpensive and easy to print solar module that is revolutionising the industry.


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