Solaires Perovskite PV Modules

Recharging devices using indoor light. Say good-bye to wires, batteries, and power banks.

For years, the consumer electronics industry has dreamt of new technologies to power or recharge devices with indoor light. Perovskite modules are the most suitable solution and Solaires is proud to announce their perovskite PV modules are now available to the market for evaluation and integration into your devices! The company offers custom module sizes tailored to perfectly suit your needs. Those familiar in this space will appreciate that Solaires PV modules provide superior light absorption to traditional materials. 


Theoretically, the best absorber materials for indoor applications should have an energy band gap between 1.8 to 2.0 eV. Silicon, with a bandgap between 1.1 to 1.6 eV shows poor performance for indoor light. Perovskite, though, has a tunable bandgap. Solaires’ team can adjust the bandgap to be between 1.2 to 2.6 eV, making perovskite PV modules suitable for generating high power from indoor light. This is achieved  by a simple and cost effective solution processed to engineer the perovskite composition and the resulting band gap. As a result, Solaires can make perovskite PV modules suitable for generating high power from indoor light.

For manufacturers and users alike, Solaires’ perovskite PV modules are a game-changer. It is projected that globally by 2025 up to 78 million batteries powering IoT devices will be dumped every day. Improving their lifespan or eliminating them altogether has become a focus in the industry. With this new technology, consumers will be able to enjoy new features that were limited before by the power source, and they will be able to wirelessly recharge their devices without worrying about battery lifetime and replacement. The technology will allow manufacturers  to offer more practical and aesthetically pleasing devices, designed around smaller batteries.

Planet Earth will reap the benefits of
PV modules through a more sustainable
way of powering our devices.

Battery usage and consumption will be reduced significantly, and on the other, perovskite PV modules will provide a better alternative to silicon modules due to multiple environmental supply chain, manufacturing, and disposing advantages.

Perovskite PV modules can be integrated to devices and serve as the power source, additional to a (rechargeable) battery or by itself. The PV module then generates electricity when exposed to light (indoor or outdoor), and power the devices. Applications include smart door locks, smart scales, wireless keyboards, remote controls, electronic shelf labels, and more! Join Solaires' push to drive the perovskite market forward, one device at a time.

Solaires’ PV modules are proudly designed and produced in British Columbia, Canada, using quality chemicals and substrates, sourced from the most reputable suppliers and rigorously tested prior to shipment to guarantee the best results.

PV Modules for Indoor IoT

Designed for integration of IoT devices, small consumer electronics, and smart gadgets. Powered by indoor light, the cells are extremely efficient, modular, and are configurable to suit the needs of its application.