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The Earth is headed towards a global catastrophe. Each year, millions of people across the globe are driven from their homes by floods, storms, droughts, and other weather-related disasters. In the coming years, that number is only expected to rise. The warming of our climate impacts us socially and economically, in ways like affecting our food and water supply, damaging our infrastructure, and putting public health at risk. We need an innovative solution to create a cleaner world now.

In the U.S, 27% of greenhouse gas emissions come from fossil fuel electricity sources. Although there are solutions that currently combat this pollution, they come with their problems. A solution that many look to as a replacement for fossil fuels is solar energy, where solar panels are typically placed on roofs of buildings or homes to harvest energy from the sun to produce electricity. This option may be a better alternative to fossil fuels, however, present-day solar cells consist of silicon, which produces large amounts of greenhouse gases during the manufacturing process. Additionally, cost-effective silicon solar cells only have a 15-19% conversion efficiency. As a result, there is a long payback-to-investment time with silicon solar panels.

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Furthermore, about 64% of costs associated with implementing solar panels are soft costs. Soft costs are indirect costs associated with the project that are not directly related to the product, such as permit fees, supply chain costs, and installation labour costs. These costs can make having solar panels expensive and often inaccessible to the average consumer. Finally, geopolitical issues arise for many of these current solutions as the materials used in their manufacturing process are often produced overseas using unethical practices.

As a sustainable company aiming to make solar energy more accessible, Solaires Entreprises is committed to reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions with an ethical manufacturing process. Our solution uses technology that incorporates perovskites, an emerging solar technology that can revolutionize the way we view solar power. Furthermore, our Solar Ink™ has a unique formulation that allows the fabrication of perovskite film with high energy conversion efficiency and high stability. This allows us to develop products, such as photovoltaic blinds, tiles, and windows that incorporate the technology and reduce the average consumer's carbon footprint. Our revolutionary solar cell technology will help create a cleaner world.